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Incredibles 2  2018  10 out of 10

I liked the original Incredibles, but it wasn’t one of my favorite Pixar films.  Incredibles 2 is probably one  the best super hero movies I’ve ever seen.  It had absolutely everything I could have asked for out of a super hero movie and was a near perfect animated film.   It had a great story about a billionaire that is trying to work to get Super Heroes to be legal again and as a part of that effort  Elastagirl becomes the focus of a pro Super Hero publicity campaign.    With her in the limelight Mr. Incredible  is basically in the Mr. Mom role trying to handle the kids which was a fun playground for some great humor.

The movie perfectly balances the funny scenes with a quality story and amazing action sequences.  The opening sequence which picks up where the original movie left off with the Incredibles entire family battling a villain named The Underminer.  Another incredible action sequence includes the kids and Frozone battling some Supers that are under mind control of the main villain.   And another sequence featured Elastagirl trying to stop and runaway monorail.

And then there is Jack Jack.  This character is so entertaining.  The baby that has too many super abilities to count makes for a bunch of terrific sequences.  His battle with a racoon was epic.  I really enjoyed this sequel which delivered on so many great levels.

P.S.  I still want a Frozone spin-off