Donald's Dog Laundry 1940

Donald’s Dog Laundry features another team up of Donald Duck and Pluto.  In the cartoons that feature both  Donald and Pluto they seem to comically work well together.

The plot of the cartoon centers on Donald building an automatic dog laundry.  He decides to use Pluto as a test client.  Of course Pluto wants nothing to do with the bath and takes off to hide in his dog house.  I personally enjoyed this part of the cartoon because I had a black lab growing up that would hide under a boat when he knew it was bath time.

The cartoon features Donald trying to trick Pluto into the bath which includes some funny sight gags like the fake cat hand puppet Donald uses.  There are some good moments of physical comedy featuring both Donald and Pluto.  The highlight of the cartoon was probably the ending when things don’t quite go as Donald plans.

This cartoon can be found on the Walt Disney Treasures DVD Collection featuring Donald Duck and online.