My Step daughter and wife just got back from a trip to Orlando for a Cheer Competition.   I unfortunately  stayed behind with our toddler.  We had taken the entire family the last time her team went into 2015  –but now we have a 2 year old and we decided it would be too costly and not as worth it to do a family trip.  Especially since most of the time would be spent at the competition.

I told my wife to at least check out one of the things on my Disney bucket list since our last trip.   Stop at Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar.   She did and snapped a couple of pictures for me.   If I ever get there –I’ll probably take about a hundred pictures,  until then it remains at the top of my bucket list.   Here is a quick look at the Indiana Jones inspired bar in Disney Springs.

Hangar BarHangar Bar1Hangar Bar 3Hangar Bar 6Hangar Bar 5Hangar Bar 7Hangar Bar4