Easy Street Mickey Mouse 2019

“Easy Street” gets into some deep questions about the universe that Mickey, Donald and Goofy exist in.  It is a strange world in which Goofy and Pluto are both dogs and yet one talks and walks upright and the other doesn’t talk and is Mickey’s pet.   This conundrum was discussed in the classis 80’s film Stand by Me and this particular episode confuses us even more.   It will remain a mystery just like that Donald Duck pants issue.     Goofy notices how easy Pluto seems to have things at Mickey’s house –after watching Pluto bring Mickey his slippers and gets a treat.   Goofy decides to embrace his inner dog and basically replace Pluto as Mickey’s pet dog.  This leads to some funny comic scenes with Goofy out dogging Pluto so he can enjoy life on “Easy Street.”    This was an enjoyable Mickey/Goofy cartoon, but definitely highlights this strange world where some dogs are dogs and some dogs are people.

The cartoon can be found on Disney Online.