Resucers down under poster.jpg

The Rescuers Down Under from 1990 is a sequel to The Rescuers from 1977.It was the first animated sequel produced by Disney that was shown in movie theaters.  It is also the first Disney animated film not shot on film -but instead down on the computer.

The story features a blonde-haired little boy in Australia that has a connection with the local animals.   He ends up embroiled with an evil Australian poacher –who basically kidnaps him in order to find a giant Golden Eagle.    Bernard (Bob Newhart) and Bianca from The Rescuers head out on a mission to rescue him.

This sequel was simple and seemed short – which could be because it was quickly paced, and action packed.   It felt like the characters weren’t front and center in the film compared to the original film.  Almost like the characters were just passengers on the roller coaster ride of action that was the film.   I’d say that I like the original better (which could just be nostalgia –since I was 6 when the original came out in theaters).   It was a good animated film –but nothing remarkable like the other Classics that Disney made during this time period.  I love the concept of the Rescue Aid Society.