The D23  expo has ended and there was an overload of news from the event that took place in Anaheim over the weekend.  There was a plethora of announcements covering Disney +, theme park news and movie news. Some of the news is still sinking in and I’ll probably be soaking it all in for weeks.

During the Movie Panel a sizzle reel for Rise of Skywalker was shown that just became available to the general public on Monday.   It was a short and simple sizzle reel that really didn’t give us a lot of footage but has everyone talking.

Two highlights jumped out to me in this sizzle reel.

  1. The lightsaber battle on the top of the downed Death Star that has the ocean waves crashing around it. This will be an incredible lightsaber fight that could rival the best fights in the franchise.

  2. And then there is the last shot of this sizzle reel that shows Rey with a serious look on her face and a red double-bladed lightsaber in her hand.  This scene will have Star Wars fans speculating until December.   Is Rey going to the Darkside?   Is this just a force vision of a possible future?   Or is this a Rey clone?   Which theory do you think is correct?  Or is there another option as to what is happening in this scene?

I personally can’t imagine Rey going dark in the final episode of the Series.  This is supposed to be the end of the Skywalker saga—having Rey go dark in the last episode makes no sense.   It could easily be a force vision –like Luke’s Dagobah cave encounter with Vader where he sees his own head in Vader’s helmet.