Baby Yoda 2

From the final seconds of episode 1 of the Mandalorian so many questions immediately come to mind.

  1. Is he Force sensitive? That question was answered in spectacular fashion in Episode Baby Yoda 1

  2. Is he a Clone or is the client trying to Clone him? That is a question we will hopefully get an answer to.

  3. Is he the cutest thing that has ever happened on the internet? YESBaby Yoda 6.jpg


  1. What does “Baby Yoda” mean for the future of Star Wars? The possibilities are endless –with “Baby Yoda” and so much else in the Star Wars universe. The reveal of this character really opened some doors.

  2. Where is he at the time of the Sequel Trilogy? The Last Jedi makes me worry for “Baby Yoda” safety, but Star Wars has done a good job in the past in the Cartoon series of explaining why certain Jedi or Force sensitive individuals are not on the Skywalker Saga chessboard during the films.

  3. Merchandising? As Mel Brooks said in Spaceballs.  Disney/Lucasfilm had to know that this character was going to be a Merchandise goldmine.   They supposedly didn’t have stuff ready to go for the release of the show to avoid spoilers.   Now they are playing catch up.

What are some of your questions about this character?