Star Wars Sequels

I really enjoyed The Rise of Skywalker.    I thought it did a great job of tying up the Skywalker story which wasn’t an easy task.  I can’t really gather my thoughts to write a clear review of the film.  I believe it needs multiple viewing in order to truly solidify my thoughts and feelings on the film.  It was a fun and action-packed movie.  It was a roller coaster ride of galactic proportions.    There are so many layers to the movie.  So many mythic connections to the previous films.  If you enjoy Star Wars movies don’t listen to the critics and check it out.  So instead of trying to review the movie currently I’ll just make some general thoughts on Star Wars under Disney.

Ranking Disney Era Star Wars Live-Action Films and TV

  1. Solo: A Star Wars Story.    Going in this was the one Star Wars movie I was the most worried about whether I would like it or not.  Harrison Ford is my favorite actor and Indiana Jones and Han Solo are 2 of my favorite characters.  If I didn’t buy a new actor playing a younger version of Han in the film, it was bound to be bust.   Contrary to my worries I feel in love with this film within the first sequence.    Unfortunately, the film didn’t do great at the box office and as a result, it shook up Disney’s plans for what they were doing with Star Wars movies going forward.   One problem is the film cost twice as much to make due to the original directors being fired mid-film, fan backlash to The Last Jedi and a lack of promotion may have hurt it as well.   Everybody that I’ve talked to has enjoyed the film.   Personally, I would have been onboard for multiple sequels. Now our hopes are for a Disney + Series.
  2. The Mandalorian: Disney+ Star Wars Series could be the future of Star Wars.  If the other Disney+ Star Wars are anywhere near as good as this.   I can’t wait for Season 2.  I can’t wait for Cassian Andor and Obi Wan.    And fingers crossed (Please turn the Solo into Series).  I have loved everything about the Mandalorian, from the Mando himself to Baby Yoda and the way it has expanded the Star Wars Galaxy.   I was actually more excited to see the finale of Season 1 than I was to see The Rise of Skywalker.
  3. Rogue One: An excellent stand-alone Star Wars movie.  It’s connection to A New Hope makes that movie better than it already was.   It was a super satisfying Star Wars adventure.
  4. The Rise of Skywalker: I’ve only seen it once so far, but there seems to be so much there that I feel like I’ll like it even more on multiple viewings.  It was a nearly impossible task to tie up the saga with this film and yet somehow it accomplished that and left me satisfied.  My only complaint about the film is that it had so much stuff in it that maybe it could have been better if spread over 2 films.
  5. The Force Awakens:  I really enjoyed The Force Awakens basically because of 3 Characters.   Harrison Ford’s return to Star Wars as Han Solo and Chewie brought me so much joy.   Daisy Ridley as Rey as excellent as well.  The film was a fun ride.
  6. The Last Jedi: The Last Jedi is my least favorite Star Wars movie from the Disney era and actually out of all the Star Wars films.   I still enjoyed many elements of the film.   It is the only Star Wars movie that didn’t receive at least a 9 out of 10 from me.    I enjoyed everything with Luke Skywalker  (despite the fact that I brought my own expectations of Luke because of having read so many legends books).   I especially loved the big moment Luke gets at the end of the film.   My issues with the film were with the side stories. Despite having some fun moments the entire Canto Bight plot is a waste of time and has no effect on the story.   I feel like Rian Johnson didn’t know what to do with both Finn and Poe in The Last Jedi and both of their storylines were not as interesting as Rey’s story.

I loved 4 out of the 5 Disney Star Wars films and absolutely love the first-ever live-action Disney+ Star Wars Tv Series.   So even though the sequel trilogy is my least favorite of the trilogies I would still give Disney a solid A for the movies they have made.