Splash 1984 poster

Splash 1984   8 out of 10

Splash is a literal fish out of water story.  That fish is a mermaid (played by Daryll Hannah).    The movie begins with a young boy who falls into the water off of Cape Cod and is rescued by a young mermaid.    Many years later (after yet another failed relationship)  The character (played by Tom Hanks) revisits that spot in Cape Cod and is once again rescued after falling into the water and hitting his head.

The mermaid then tracks him down from his wallet that she finds at the bottom of the sea.  She emerges from the water naked in front of the Statue of Liberty and after being arrested Tom Hank’s character is called since his wallet is the only identification she has with her.  The two of them fall in love as they explore New York together.  Of course, she finds even the most common everyday thing in New York like traffic lights fascinating.  Clearly, this film inspired scenes in fish out of water stories that would come years later like The Little Mermaid, Elf and Enchanted.  Enchanted is basically Splash with a girl from an animated world instead of a Mermaid.

I hadn’t seen this film in years and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it upon rewatch.  John Candy as Tom Hank’s brother was a comedy delight.   Tom Hanks shined as well as the hopeless bachelor that falls in love as he points out  “with a fish”.  Ron Howard directed this romantic love story and did an excellent job crafting a story that has stood the test of time and still holds up today.

Splash can be found of course as part of the treasure trove that is Disney+.