I just started a re-watch of Season 1 of the Mandalorian on Disney+ as season 2 is now less than a week away. Here are 7 of my favorite things or moments from Episode 1.

1. The characters intro: Seen in the picture above it. When he first shows up in the doorway of the bar on that ice planet it was like something straight out of a Spaghetti Western or the epic Introduction of Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Set the tone for the entire series.

2. The giant creature attacking his ship when he is trying to take off with his bounty. It felt like something straight out of the movies. The CGI was great and let me know that they had put the shows budget to good use.

3. Cantina Creatures and familiar stuff from the movies: I especially loved the eyeball security droid just like Jabba’s palace and the gonk Droid.

4. The Client: Played by Warner Herzog. The way he delivered his lines while giving the Mando his assignment was absolutely perfect.

5. IG-11: It was so cool to actually get to see an IG assassin droid in action. Better than I could have imagined and they through in some good humor with the IG droid constantly wanting to self destruct.

6. Butch and Sundance moment: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is one of my favorite old school films. The scene where Mando and IG-11 are pinned down felt like the end scene straight out of that classic western film.

7. The Reveal: What a perfect and unexpected surprise the end shot of episode 1 was. What a reveal……how in the world did Disney and Lucasfilm keep that a secret. It left us wanting episode 2 right away.