The Wild 2006 6 out of 10

The Wild has a very similar plot to Dreamworks Madagascar which came out a year earlier. It is amazing how often that seems to happen in the movie business in general. The story feels like a Finding Nemo with Lions instead of Fish. I generally don’t miss seeing Disney Animated movies –but films like this that are actually animated by other companies and distributed by Disney sometimes fall through the cracks.

The main character voiced by Kiefer Sutherland is a lion at the zoo. His son accidentally finds himself in a box heading back to the wild and the main Lion and a bunch of other zoo animals go on a mission to rescue him. This journey takes them through downtown New York –which was personally my favorite part of the film . They locate the crate with his son being loaded on a ship and end up chasing it to the wild.

It was a decent animated film –but nothing memorable. It features modern music as opposed to songs written for the film. Although the animation style seems strange at first you do get used to it as the story moves along.