They made it sound like it would be a limited series like Obi Wan – but I couldn’t be much happier than to see Lando get his own series. Okay that isn’t 100 percent true. I really wanted to see the continuation of the Solo story -but I’ll take a Lando series anyday. Donald Glover was excellent in Solo – and before that movie underperformed at the box office a sequel and a Lando movie was surely in the works as well

Once Disney’s focus turned away from the big screen and to Disney+ the 3 main things I’ve wanted as series were 1. Obi Wan –which starts filming in January . 2 I really wanted to see Han meet Jabba for the first time and 3. To see a Lando series following his adventures pre-Empire Strikes Back. If guess 2 out of 3 isn’t bad. Hopefully Han will drop by for an episode – but I would love to see Lando shine on his own. After Obi-Wan this is my most anticipated Star Wars series.