“Just the Four of Us” was another odd and wild cartoon in the Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse series. It centers on Donald Duck and Daisy trying to get out of hanging out with Mickey and Minnie who have apparently been taking them on one exhausting adventure after another. Donald calls to tell Mickey that he and Daisy can’t make it tonight. He makes the mistake of telling them they are sick which kicks off a horror movie style adventure of Mickey and Minnie trying to break into their house to take care of them. It was a clever idea for a cartoon -but odd to see Mickey and Minnie as horror movie characters. The pacing like several of the recent cartoons in the series was quick with a lot horror movie gags.

This concludes the first season of episodes from this series on Disney+. Up next we are going to dive into some of the Pixar Car Toons featuring Mater which my son has relentlessly been watching recently and then we will return to Chronological Donald Duck cartoons.