5 episodes in and Marvel’s What If series has kind of been a mixed bag so far. The concept of a What If ? series of what traditionally would be considered non-Canon stories is intriguing. Each episode is kind of a one off story outside the established story line from the films. Basically an anthology story each week that plays around in the Marvel Universe.

As interesting as the concept is the results have been very hit and miss for me. I loved the alternate Star Lord episode and enjoyed the Dr. Strange weird and twisted tale. the premiere episode with Peggy Carter fell flat for me and I didn’t enjoy the zombie episode at all. I guess you have to embrace the alternate plot in each alternate episode. Ive never wondered What If half the Avengers got turned into zombies…. so that episode didn’t entertain me. I found myself …. even in the episodes I enjoyed wishing I could just get animated canon stories instead of What If’s in this style. Ill watch the rest, but I’m definitely not as invested as I was in the live action shows…. even if because of the events of Loki these What If’s could actually be just parts of the Multiverse.