Black Panther was a good action packed MCU adventure filled with thrills , but it seemed unnecessary as well. The character who has been a part of the MCU movies since before The Avengers joined up definitely deserved her own film – it just seems odd to go back and tell a story after Civil War after the events of End Game have already played out.

The film itself had a solid plot about Natasha wanting to take down the Red Room that has created her with the help of her spy family we never really knew about. The cast was terrific especially David Harbour stealing scenes as the Red Guardian character. The action was fantastic especially the third act as they took down the red room. The film did drag a little in the 2nd act and unfortunately the film does to certain extant fill disposable to the overall MCU. It was fun and entertaining, but the way it was shoehorned into the MCU in what feels like an after thought you could just skip it and not miss a beat in the overall MCU saga.