The teaser trailer for The Book of Boba Fett dropped last week giving us a small glimpse at the series and later this week on Disney+ Day there will be a special on the character which will hopefully give us a little more. I personally loved the short teaser I’m hyped for the show, but what can we expect to see? Here is a short list of what I hope and or expect to see in the series.

1. The Star Wars Underworld: The main thing the teaser sets up is giving us more of a look into the criminal underworld of Star Wars. Boba Fett appears to have taken over for Jabba and is meeting with Jabba’s old business partners. So the underworld will be a focus of the series.

2. Classic Bounty Hunters: I think most hardcore Star Wars fans are hoping to see some of the classic Bounty Hunters in the series. IG-88, Bossk or Dengar perhaps. Maybe even the showdown with a live action Cad Bane that was originally meant for The Clone Wars.

3. Jabba’s palace: Since Boba Fett has taken over Jabba’s the short tease has already given us a cool glimpse at more of Jabba’s palace. I’m super excited to see more of this location. And since Lucasfilm went to the trouble of building this iconic set it opens the door to so much more. Could we get flashbacks with Jabba? Coupd the set be used to continue Han Solo’s story in a Solo series ? After all the movie ended with he and Chewie heading out to do a job for and meet Jabba.

5. Badass action: With Robert Rodriguez helming the show I expect some quality badass action scenes. I think once this series airs there will be no true Star Wars fan that will call Boba overrated ever again.