I absolutely loved the series. I’ve seen some mixed reactions from some in the Star Wars community, but I really enjoyed the show. I think many fans got caught up in the rumors of potential cameos and when those didn’t pan out the felt let down. I however loved it.

If you are a Star Wars fan how can you not be satisfied with what happened in the final episode. Here is a list of the amazing eye candy that was the finale.

1. The betrayal of the crime bosses that promised to stay neutral. A twist that starts the pretty much non-stop action for the rest of the finale. 2. Boba and Mando go all Butch Cassidy on the syndicate. Great action sequence with then unloading all their fire power, rocket packs , knee darts, whistling birds and more. 3. That Wookiee is a total badass. 4. Send in the giant war droids. The unstoppable droids. 5. Boba riding the Rancor. The whole rancor sequence was insane and incredible. This is the kind of stuff little kids dream about seeing. If this was the only segment we got I would have been satisfied. 6. Grogu returns and reunites with Mando. 7. Grogu vs the Rancor 8. Boba vs Cad Bane ending in Tusken style beat down.