This Star Wars Lego Special was fun and super silly. I think it is funny that the only content currently featuring the sequel characters is the Lego specials. This special centers around the sequel characters taking a vacation on the Halycon Star Cruiser (Disney Synergy). Finn encounters several force ghosts each telling their own ridiculous vacation stories. 1. The first story features Obi Wan going undercover at Jabba’s birthday party to help a rebel spy steal back some crystals. Watching Obi Wan force himself into party mode in a Hawaiian shirt was hilarious. 2. The second story featured Vader and the Emperor taking a beach vacation to Scariff that included Weird Al hosting a beach competition that included limbo with lightsabers. Loved force ghost Anakin snorkeling. 3. The third tale focuses on Leia. Han and Leia take a family holiday with son Ben on the way to drop him off for Jedi training. They visit a resort on Endor . Ben meets some kids at Lake Ewok and borrows the Falcon to impress them. Ewoks apparently still try to eat people. The Lego specials look great and really have fun playing around in the Star Wars universe in a fun and irreverent wa