When The Muppet Show finally hit Disney+ the first thing I did was rush to a couple of episodes featuring my favorite comedians Steve Martin and John Cleese. After those nostalgic walks down a memory lane it was onto the Star Wars episode featuring Mark Hamill, Chewie and the droids. Sure the episode was corny and will seem dated for folks that didn’t watch The Muppet Show back in the day, but it was way better then anything we got in the infamous Holiday special.

The best scene was during a segment for the space parody Pigs in Space where Miss Piggy shows up dressed like Princess Leis and wants to be rescued by Luke Skywalker. Miss Piggy was always one of the funniest Muppets in my opinion and the lines she has in this scene seem are terrific. Of course the fact that Miss Piggy at the time was performed by none other than the great Frank Oz (Yoda) who Mark had literally just filmed with for Empire Strikes Back makes the scenes even cooler for a Muppet/Star Wars fan.

Another great scene included Mark Hamill being asked by Kermit what talents he had and Mark doing a good Kermit impression only to be asked by Kermit “ that’s great … who do you do”. He followed that up with an even better Fozzie impression to which Fozzie replies …”who do you do”. Some of the corniness aside this is a much watch episode for any Muppet and or Star Wars fan.

Plus after watching the episode check out this podcast from Rebel Force Radio discussing it and interviewing former Muppet and Star Wars performer Mike Quinn.