My Quick thoughts on the Loki Series. It was easily my favorite of the 3 MCU Series on Disney+ so far. I’ve enjoyed all 3 series -but Loki really shined for me. To be fair it was the series that I was anticipating the most. Being a huge fan of Time Travel this series was the most intriguing. Tom Hilddleston was excellent as Loki and Owen Wilson really stood out as one of my new favorite MCU characters.

The series was wild and went in a bunch of crazy directions. The series felt like a mix of something from Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) or Terry Gilliam’s Brazil in the first couple of episodes. The TVA was a super interesting concept and lends itself to so many possible stories. Every couple of episodes the series would deliver some cool and interesting surprises and take the plot in new and interesting directions. The third act of the film was like a trippy adventure quest with touches of the Wizard of Oz. The final episode was less action packed then one might expect from an MCU show. Somehow it was still the most satisfying to me. I absolutely loved how the show ended. It gave us a Planet of the Apes moment while having massive implications on the next Phase of Marvel theatrical films. I can’t wait for season 2 of Loki as well as the films that the events of this series will effect.

What did you think of this series? and what are you most excited about as the MCU enters into the Multiverse?