Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales 2017  10 of 10

In 2003 Walt Disney pictures released 2 movies based on Disneyland attractions.   The Haunted Mansion movie (which many fans didn’t like , but I still enjoyed for elements of the film)  and a movie based on Pirates of the Caribbean.   I remember at the time being more excited about the Haunted Mansion movie before the films came out…Pirate movie had failed at the box office for quite a while and it was pretty much a dead genre.  Does anyone fondly remember the box office bomb Cutthroat Island starring Genna Davis???  I didn’t think so.  So a Pirates movie based on the theme park ride seemed a risk.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl ended up being a total surprise hit and one of my favorite movies of all-time.    I’ve seen over 2.600 films in my life (I’m big movie fan and the first Pirates after several viewings climbed to number 3 on my list only behind Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Wars.  Being a huge fan of the ride as well I felt like this Pirate movie had been made specifically for me.  It had everything I could have even wanted and dreamed for in a Pirates movie including this iconic movie character Captain Jack Sparrow played with flair by Johnny Deep.

So obviously I’m a big fan of the Franchise…I’ve been to 2 of the Red Carpets when they premiered the films at Disneyland parks.  Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Men Tales was no exception.     Screw the critics!  If you liked the other Pirates of the Caribbean films you will enjoy this rollercoaster ride of a fun action packed and humorous film.   Johnny Deep is again perfect as Captain Jack (My 2nd favorite movie character after Indiana Jones).   Geoffrey Rush again shines as usual as Captain Barbossa and Javier Bardem as the cursed ghost Pirate Salazar was terrific as well.

This Pirates of the Caribbean movie does an excellent job of tying up plot points from previous films and adding to the Legend of Jack Sparrow.   This Pirates movie satisfied in so many ways.  The action sequences are great.  The reintroduction of Captain Jack’s character is perfect and leads into a action packed bank robbery that to descibe to people that haven’t yet seen the film would be totally unfair.  This scene set the tone for yet another amazing and fun Pirates film.    I’ve loved all the Pirates films,  (even the bloated, over the top and at times confusing 2nd and 3rd films).     Dead Men Tell No Tales comes closest to the magic of the original film and just like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.  this isn’t a film for critics….it is a fun and amazing summer blockbuster that is just pure fun.  If this is the last Pirates film I will be completely satisfied  with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

You can’t leave a Pirates film not humming the music from the film.